Why Choose Us?

Many eye doctors will see glaucoma patients, yet only a small percentage are specialists in glaucoma.

Dr. Marshall Kim, MD, PhD completed ophthalmology training at the University Hospitals of Cornell and Columbia. Dr. Kim then completed fellowship training in glaucoma at Cornell Medical Center, which is ophthalmology training beyond residency. Dr. Kim is one of the few practitioners in Hawaii to be fellowship trained in glaucoma.  

Here at the Glaucoma Center of Hawaii, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. Dr. Kim performs specialized glaucoma surgical procedures at Queen's Medical Center. Dr. Kim was the first eye surgeon in Hawaii to use a novel glaucoma device called the Express Shunt. At our office, we also have access to advanced lasers used in the treatment of glaucoma.


"I was diagnosed with glaucoma by another doctor and have been coming for visits every 6 weeks using glaucoma medications everyday. I saw Dr. Kim for a second opinion. Turns out, I did not have glaucoma. I would like to thank Dr. Kim for sparing me years of unnecessary visits and medication. Thank you."

-K.M. Honolulu, Hawaii

While this office specializes in glaucoma, we will see any patient with an eye problem.

We perform routine eye exams, write prescriptions for glasses and contacts, and treat eye emergencies. We have seen 8000 patients at our office. The Glaucoma Center of Hawaii is conveniently located at the Ala Moana Office Building, in the Ala Moana shopping center. We encourage you to come for a visit and experience the best eye care possible.

Come in!

"Thank you Dr. Kim for discovering I had glaucoma. Had I not seen Dr. Kim, I could have gone blind. Thank you Dr. Kim."  

-M.L. Hilo, Hawaii